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Unlimited lessons in the 8 martial arts that Oom Yung Doe schools teach are available for $175 per month for adults, or for $125 per month for children.

One first step towards starting is to set up an introductory consultation. You’ll schedule a time to come into your nearest location, meet with an instructor, and explain your goals. Your instructor will teach you a short introductory lesson, during which you’ll learn powerful developmental techniques designed to specifically address areas of your condition and ability that you need or want to improve.

The cost for a consultation is $30. If, after experiencing Oom Yung Doe practice, you decide to continue, you can apply your $30 as a credit towards your first month of training. You’ll continue to work on the movements you learned, and more. The end result will be an improvement to your mental and physical condition for a better quality of life. But, don’t take our word for it: See for yourself what other students have experienced. What you see, you can achieve for yourself.

Click the button below to choose a location and schedule, then enter your payment details below. Alternatively, you can also contact an instructor with any questions or to learn more.

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