Personal Training

Personal training from an Oom Yung Doe instructor is an excellent way to develop yourself physical and mentally. Students gain strength, flexibility, stamina, and improve all aspects of their condition.

“Already I am stronger, more flexible and more supple in my movements. I have worked as a flexibility coach to athletes of all levels for the past 10 years. As a result of my Oom Yung Doe training for the past 4 months, my body now moves in a way that it never could before.” -Barbara C. (Read more)

“Even in my first couple of lessons I could tell that the training was unique. I had always maintained a regular athletic training regimen for football, but the results I experienced from Oom Yung Doe practice were significantly greater. Physically, I felt my body developing strength and flexibility that I had never known before. Within a few months of beginning my training I was by a great measure, in the best physical condition of my life. The mental changes I was experiencing were even greater. My discipline and focus improved to the point I was able to wean myself off my prescription for an attention deficit medication. I was more confident, happier, and healthier.” -Ben Z. (Read more)

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