Master Key of Wisdom

Master Key of Wisdom - Book

This book is based on a true story about Grandmaster “Iron” Kim’s memories of his master, Grandmaster Borion, and centuries of learning. The author takes you along the journey of Grandmaster “Iron” Kim, who began his learning as a young boy in an Am-ja (a secluded place in the mountains of East Asia). At this young age, Grandmaster Borion taught him to follow the Chung Doe (Correct way) and fully understand the basic three steps of eight steps to reach enlightenment, or the level of Doe-sa. The first step is to understand yourself, both mind and body. The second step is to understand others’ minds and bodies. The third step is to purify yourself in order to open your heart and connect with your universal spirit, enabling you to be enlightened.

As a young boy, Grandmaster “Iron” Kim was asked by his master to write a figure eight in the sand with his finger. While learning, he began to understand the principle of life. There is harmony and balance in life–there are ups and there are downs. When you follow the correct principles in life, others will respect you and will seek to learn your wisdom and way. However, while you gain more respect, there will be more challenges. You must remember that taller mountains are always hit by stronger winds.

Regardless of the positive and negative circumstances that will occur during your lifetime, follow the principles of Chung Doe. Then, no matter where you are or where you go, you will always have inner peace. You will have the master key of wisdom.

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