Benefits of Training

Oom Yung Doe is not a sport or common martial art; it is a complete method to develop the mind and body. It’s common for people to pursue one activity to build strength, one for stamina, one for stress relief, and so on. In contrast, Oom Yung Doe is a proven method to directly improve all areas of physical and mental development, including:


Jon Goode demonstrates strength throughout the body, particularly joint strength in the wrists. Without the proper strength in the wrists, safely executing this demonstration would be impossible.


Because Chung Dan Hyung forms involve all areas of the body executing a complete range of motion, practitioners develop flexibility throughout the body.

Kids’ training: Confidence, focus, discipline, and more

A parent discusses his experience watching his son train in Oom Yung Doe for about one year:

Self Defense

Oom Yung Doe teaches strong, effective self defense. Commonly, self defense training in a sports or sparring format must remove or disallow some techniques, because they are unsafe in competition. Nothing is removed from the Oom Yung Doe self defense curriculum to make it safe for sparring competition or scoring points against an opponent; our self defense is designed to quickly end a real situation.


Any practitioner can build speed, power, coordination, and control through Oom Yung Doe practice.

Mental concentration and focus

“I will graduate one year before expected … Memorizing movements and forms has improved my concentration greatly in a very short period of time. By challenging myself mentally and physically through Oom Yung Doe, I have developed a different outlook and become more creative, able to handle any challenge that comes up in my daily life. … I have accomplished as much in the past 8 months since I started my training as I have in the previous three years before I started Oom Yung Doe.” -Robert W. (Read more)

Health and Overall Condition

“Even in my first couple of lessons I could tell that the training was unique. I had always maintained a regular athletic training regimen for football, but the results I experienced from Oom Yung Doe practice were significantly greater. Physically, I felt my body developing strength and flexibility that I had never known before. Within a few months of beginning my training I was by a great measure, in the best physical condition of my life. The mental changes I was experiencing were even greater. My discipline and focus improved to the point I was able to wean myself off my prescription for an attention deficit medication. I was more confident, happier, and healthier. My grade point jumped to a 4.0, even while I was taking a much heavier course load, and I was able to secure a grant to fund a research position working on partial wave analysis for the GlueX Experiment taking place at Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility.” -Ben Z. (Read more)

Other testimonials

The benefits of training are not limited to just what is listed above. These are other testimonials from a wide variety of students that list a wide variety of benefits.

What others have achieved, you can achieve for yourself by following the same path.

Why does traditional training produce these results?

The reason students have experienced these benefits is because Oom Yung Doe is a true line of traditional martial arts (just as Shaolin training is traditional martial arts). Oom Yung Doe is not a sport or simply a sparring activity; it is a training method that has been developed over centuries, highly prized because of the extraordinary effect it has on all aspects of the practitioner’s condition.

That’s what other students have experienced. Ultimately, the only way to see what you can gain is to try for yourself.

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