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“His grades this year and his reports from school have improved dramatically, and the reason for that, we believe as his parents, is that the discipline and the interest he has in practicing the art of Moo Doe [traditional martial arts] has definitely transferred into his schoolwork. His homework, his attention span at home, and his focus on jobs that need to be done, his chores or his work for school, has improved dramatically. … One thing that I’ve noticed when he leaves the Moo Doe class, is that Stewart definitely has an air of pride. He talks about what his accomplishments are, what he’s learning, and he’s proud of it.” -Steven W.


Visible skill

The most important development your child will experience is invisible — the physical condition and health, mental focus and determination, and strong character that will lead to success later in his or her life. Visible demonstrations are an important component of training because they measure physical and mental ability. Qualification in traditional martial arts has always been based not just on words or someone’s opinion, but what can be clearly demonstrated.

Watch the video below to see the skills your child can develop.



Tuition (ages 13-17) $200/mo
Tuition (ages 6-12) $170/mo
Schedule 3 times per week (45 min/class)

How To Get Started

Your child can benefit enormously from traditional training! Oom Yung Doe training builds physical condition and ability, confidence, mental focus and concentration, better communication and social skills, and more. At its heart it is a method for building a better character and a better self.

We invite you to come by and speak to one of our instructors; we can answer any questions you have and guide you through the next steps.

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