Youth Training Programs

“His grades this year and his reports from school have improved dramatically, and the reason for that, we believe as his parents, is that the discipline and the interest he has in practicing the art of Moo Doe [traditional martial arts] has definitely transferred into his schoolwork. His homework, his attention span at home, and his focus on jobs that need to be done, his chores or his work for school, has improved dramatically. … One thing that I’ve noticed when he leaves the Moo Doe class, is that Stewart definitely has an air of pride. He talks about what his accomplishments are, what he’s learning, and he’s proud of it.” -Steven W. (Full video below)

“I feel that the addition of Oom Yung Doe is helping my son feel stronger as a person, and to use this new strength to approach the difficulties of reading, writing and relationships. I also feel that the school of Oom Yung Doe supports qualities that I would like to see my son embody: respect, discipline, that concentration takes practice, and the idea that learning is a privilege.” -Laura D. (Read more)

Monthly Membership

Through practice, your child will develop balance and skills in a variety of areas. From a physical standpoint, students gain superior strength in major and minor muscles, ligaments, and tendons, leading to improved overall ability. This ability will improve performance in sports and other physical endeavors, and your child will learn self defense. Students also gain internal strength, developing lung capacity and a stronger immune system.

Tuition $200/mo for juniors (age 13-17)
$170/mo for kids (age 6-12)
Schedule 3 times per week (45 min/class)

Championship Training

On this training program, a child has an opportunity to learn directly from a 9th Degree International Master and to develop skill in a specialty form or weapon. On this program, students learn a Chung Dan Hyung form or weapon, plus coaching directly from a Master to help fit the form to their body type and specific direction on how to quickly maximize their development and skill. Through practice, students develop a high level of skill and competence in a specific form or weapon as well as greatly accelerate their development.

On this level of training, your child will receive the proper preparation to compete in a Traditional Martial Arts (TMA) tournament. This is one of the fastest ways to improve.

In the U.S. today most tournaments focus purely on winning over an opponent. Winning over others is victory, whereas winning over yourself is success. If you only challenge yourself to be better than someone else then you will never reach your fullest potential. You will never reach success.

If your child can win over him or herself, this is success, and it will directly improve every aspect of your child’s life.

Tuition $1,265 – $1,390 (6 month program)
Schedule 3 times per week (60 min+/class)

Introductory MLT Training

As a precursor to full championship training, students can learn a short form taught by the Master Level Teaching team. An example is Yong Bope, which develops the ability to move the whole body as one, dramatically increasing the effective power of a strike or defense. This form also connects the mind and body, leading to greater mental awareness and a much deeper development from all curriculum practice.

Tuition $295 (2 month program)
Schedule 3 times per week (60 min+/class)

How To Get Started

Register online to have your child try for a month — then you’ll see for yourself how much he or she can achieve.

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