Weeklong Seminars

Weeklong 2012 (Parker Resort, Palm Spring)



  • Sa Ma Gee (Preying Mantis)
  • Sahng Pu Chae (Double Chinese Fans)
  • Level 3 Championship Program
  • Bagwa Walking and Switching Techniques
  • Yuk Kun Kyong
  • Sparring and Self Defense Techniques
  • Nae Shim Gong Meditation

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Weekong 2011 (Palm Springs, CA)



Weeklong 2010 (Warner Springs, CA)



  • Yuk Kun Kyong (Advanced Qigong breathing techniques)
  • Pal Gae Kwon (Foundation for higher level abilities)
  • Chung Su Tang Nan (Key movements of ocean form)
  • Dancing Dragon
  • Wa Ho Lay (Tornado form)
  • Chung Su Doe (Key movements of straight sword)
  • Wol Kwan Gwen (Sun and Moon switching techniques)
  • Bagwa Walk
  • Nae Shim Gong (Meditation to purify the mind, body, and spirit)

Remember, life is only once; no one has a spare mind or body.