Weekend Seminars

Weekend Seminar – August 16th-17th, 2014

Weekend Seminar 2014 - Blue Dragon

(Blue Dragon – Nae Gong Foundation Training)

The main benefit of practicing Chung Yong Su is the development of internal and external strength to attain a strong foundation for Nae Gong (stored internal energy). This weekend will focus primarily on the shoulders. Speed will improve significantly.

  • The movements are quick, smooth, and very powerful.
  • Through proper practice, internal strength connects to external strength.
  • When developed properly, external muscles become elongated, flexible, and strong; not bulky or tight.
  • The top, middle, and lower areas of the body are developed as the entire body is incorporated into the movement

Practicing these movements in the water develops a lot of flexibility. The body is able to achieve a much fuller range of motion in the joints and muscles without the strain or stress sometimes associated with moving the body on land. This allows the practitioner to execute all of their other practice better, resulting in ongoing benefits long after the weekend.

Students of all ranks will be able to absorb this form. Some of the benefits of these movements include:

  • Development of the entire spine
  • Inner peace
  • Tremendous internal and external strength
  • Stronger immune system
  • Youthful condition
  • Longevity
  • Increased chi
  • Nae Gong foundation development
  • Weight loss

Below are testimonials from students attending weekend seminars.

“I participated in one day of the weekend seminar and had a great experience. The event was great. I felt a lot more relaxed and calm afterwards. Even in the days to follow, I had a completely different perspective on how I handle day to day tasks. My mind felt a lot clearer overall. I also could feel the effect of the movements on my hips and shoulders the next day.” -Lauren B., 26 years

“On 7/15/12 I took the water form Blue Dragon. Working for several hours on the form I expected to feel exhausted and hurting the next day. Neither occurred. However, when I went to do jumps (back in the school) I found I had improved. The surprise of doing a jump and actually feeling airborne was a thrill for me.” -Marie S., 70 years

“By the end of the first day of training in the pool I was able to perform many of the movements … without pain and with much greater range of motion than I have ever been able to accomplish in the past.” -Phil T., 35 years

“When I practiced the movements in the pool I felt very relaxed rather then tensed and stiff on land. My shoulders moved like never before. I had so much energy and found it very motivating to move. I was able to relax and finally truly understand how to meditate.” -Pang Y., 30 years

“… with the movement in the water being the optimum benefit for me, my back has more range of motion than it has had in the last 5 years.” -Matt C., 28 years


  • General public / friends and family: $980 for 2 days
  • Adult students on autobilling: $690 for 2 days
  • Child students (non-degree): $665 for 2 days
  • For pricing for any other situation or for one day only, see your instructor.


The weekend seminar will be held at the Sudbury Atkison Pool, at 40 Fairbank Road in Sudbury.

The schedule for the weekend is as follows:

  • Sat, Aug 16th: 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM (morning session)
  • Sat, Aug 16th: 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM (afternoon session)
  • Sun, Aug 17th: 9 AM – 11 AM (morning session)
  • Sun, Aug 17th: 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM (afternoon session)
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