Chung Dan Hyung Speciality Seminars

You can have the opportunity to learn directly from an Oom Yung Doe Master through Chung Dan Hyung seminars and immediately begin to change your condition

Rarely in the United States has the position of Master been bestowed on an individual. Lifelong dedication to the study and practice of martial arts perfection – mind, body, and spirit is needed to achieve this level. The Master Level Teaching (MLT) Team represents the elite in their dedication to martial arts perfection. During these seminars you will learn the new movements of the seminar and have them reviewed and adjusted by members of the MLT team.

Only the MLT Team is qualified to teach these movements properly. Through consistent lessons from Grandmaster “Iron” Kim, the MLT Team is able to make these movements available directly to you and ensure that the movements you are learning fit by your natural movement style.

Throughout the centuries masters have dedicated their lives to finding proper techniques that build internal and external strength together as one.  For this reason Traditional Moo Doe movement is one of the safest, quickest and most effective ways to benefit your condition —mentally, physically, and spiritually—enabling you to experience a dramatically improved quality of life and an increased life span. It is common to see professional athletes work incredibly hard and continue to challenge themselves physically; however, too often we see that by the time they reach 30-40 years old they are unable to continue their sport due to decreased ability and/or injury. This decrease in ability and propensity towards injury arises because their physical exercise and range of movement is not fully balanced—internally and externally—thereby causing shock to the body and leading to damage and loss of ability. Without internal strength, your body cannot counter the gradual breaking down that is typically associated with aging and harsh physical activity, leading to a poor quality of life.

Traditional Martial Arts is a discipline that compels its practitioners to continually strive for perfection in their art and also in life. By seeking out an opportunity to learn directly from the Master Level Training Team, you are advancing many steps closer to achieving Martial Arts Perfection.

[colored_box bgColor=”#2a3c40″ textColor=”#ffffff”]Any practitioner is able to develop Nae Gong, Wae Gong, or Kyung Gong Sul Bope through the practice of proper Chung Dan Hyung techniques with Foundation Movements. The MLT Team has the skill & ability to teach any individual (from beginner level and up) proper Chung Dan Hyung techniques with Foundation giving them the skill and ability to reach Master Level.[/colored_box]

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