Championship Training

Traditional Martial Arts (TMA) has been in the United States for over 40 years. Now, for the first time in the United States, students ages 8 to 70+, at any skill level, can learn powerful developmental techniques directly from a TMA master through the TMA Championship Program. Since the Championship Program’s release in 2013, many individuals have already made tremendous improvements to their lives, as well as building extraordinary skill and ability:

Students have achieved these extraordinary results because Oom Yung Doe is a Traditional martial art, not a common martial art or sport. The goal of TMA is not to learn how to win a competition with an opponent, but to learn how to win over yourself.

In East Asia, achieving the position of TMA Tournament Champion is one of the highest accomplishments a person can reach. With diligent practice, it is possible within 3 to 6 months to become a Traditional Martial Arts champion and gain the recognition and the mental and physical benefits that last a lifetime.

Championship Program Overview

The intent of the program is to give practitioners of all levels the opportunity to learn directly from a 9th Degree Traditional Martial Arts Master while developing a specialty in a given form or weapon. The 6 month program includes:

  • One Chung Dan Hyung Form taught by the Master Level Teaching Team. Chung Dan Hyung Forms develop the whole body, internally and externally, quickly bringing the mind, body, and spirit into balance. Example forms and weapons include drunken fist, tiger, monkey, snake, eagle, iron hand, samurai sword and 18 Chinese weapons.
  • One personal coaching sessions from a Chong Sa Bu (a 9th Degree Black Belt Traditional Martial Arts Master): During this lesson your “Chung Dan Hyung” is adjusted to your specific body type and ability, enabling you to reach your optimal health and physical state.
  • Review with a local Instructor, helping you absorb the fundamentals of your “Chung Dan Hyung” Form, as well as receiving the correct preparation for a demonstration in a Traditional Martial Arts Tournament.

The goal is to help you quickly develop skill and ability in a specialty of your choice and prepare you to be able to successfully compete in a Traditional Martial Arts Tournament. Taking multiple Championship programs will accelerate your overall development and ability.

To learn see the schedule for past and upcoming Chung Dan Hyung seminars, visit our local seminars page.


The clearest way to see what you can gain from championship training to hear from other students what they have gained. Talk to other students directly, or view testimonials online:


One championship program is 6 months of personalized instruction guided by a Master. Tuition is in addition to monthly membership fees (for adults or youth).

Championship training is available to instructors, students, and the general public for:

  • Adults: $1,705 for weapons forms; $1,540 for non weapon forms
  • Juniors / Children: $1,390 for weapons forms; $1,265 for non weapon forms

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