Adult Training

The goal of Traditional Martial Arts is to challenge yourself, or “win over yourself,” to reach your fullest potential for your ultimate mental, physical and spiritual development; this is success. This success directly improves every aspect of your life: inner peace, confidence, communication, relationships, and mental and physical health. Traditional Martial Arts has been known throughout the centuries to alleviate the stress and suffering of everyday life, as well as powerfully give the ability to change bad habits (just as removing illness allows someone to have ultimate health). In general, winning over yourself means removing negativity and developing only positivity in one’s life. You carry this with you always.

The strength of a line of Traditional Martial Arts can be seen in the benefit experienced by those who practice. There are two main ways to judge the result (the benefit to your condition) of practicing in a given line: The skill and ability displayed by younger practitioners, and the condition of practitioners in their 60s, 70s, 80s, and beyond.

Skill and ability

Younger practitioners should be able to clearly demonstrate speed, power, control and coordination. Mentally, they should display respect, patience, confidence and determination.

The video below shows practitioners at a variety of ranks demonstrating Oom Yung Doe movement.


Practitioners of any age should experience profound benefits mentally and physically. Health imbalances should improve, energy should increase, and overall condition should be dramatically better. An older practitioner (for example, age 70) should look much younger, with smooth skin throughout the body, and a proud bearing.

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Program details

Oom Yung Doe adult training costs $210 per month, or $175 per month if automatically billed (in which case 30 days cancellation notice is required). All students may attend any group lessons (daytime or evening), as well as one regional lesson per month. A recommended training schedule is from 2 to 5 times attending per week. More practice will change you faster.

Students who want to accelerate their development may also supplement their daily training with Chung Dan Hyung seminars or Championship Coaching. These seminars, in conjunction with your daily training, are the quickest, most direct, and safest way to connect internal to external development and to reach your fullest potential.

Try for yourself

First, find a location near you. Lesson schedules are listed on each location’s individual page. Call your nearest school to make an appointment to come in; all training programs start with individual meetings with your main instructor.

Life is only once. Call today.

Remember, life is only once; no one has a spare mind or body.