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Traditional Moo Doe (Martial Arts) is not a common martial art. Oom Yung Doe schools were the first in the United States to teach 8 martial arts as 1 from the origin of Traditional Moo Doe. Traditional Moo Doe schools are very hard to find. Only a small number of individuals in the United States have achieved and are able to demonstrate the broad range of incredible skills and abilities needed to teach a proper line of Traditional Moo Doe. Over the centuries, Traditional Moo Doe has been proven to unite the body, mind and spirit together as one force in order to achieve incredible skills and abilities. These incredible abilities are necessary to have a proper line of learning that will benefit individuals of all ages and body types. In comparison, common martial arts are generally limited to combat techniques and they often do not focus on the individual as a whole.

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Remember, life is only once; no one has a spare mind or body.