Bagwa Program Testimonial

I’ve been on the Bagua program for a few months now and I wish I could have taken it earlier on in my training. I feel like it would have saved me a lot of time (and many headaches).

Since being on the program I never have dips in my energy that use to happen randomly throughout the day. My moods are extremely consistent.

For the first time since I can remember, spring time arrived and I have had no symptoms of allergies.

My heart feels more open and my compassion towards people has improved greatly which has completely altered the way I teach my students and the way I treat my friends and family.

It is extremely easy for me to get into the zone when I train and I move with much more purpose and intent.

Recently I have been tutoring another instructor. No matter how I tried to explain it he struggled to sync his breathing, root into his positions and release power in his blocks and attacks. After only a month on the Bagua program he is mentally sharper than I’ve ever seen him and he now subconsciously does all of those things which has allowed us to make our sessions much more productive.

The fact I have been training for 10 years and I’m only now learning Bagua at this level blows my mind.

It’s like a treasure chest of gold has been sitting under my nose and only now do I see it.

This training is infinitely deep and as soon as I think I have it figured out something comes along and humbles me. I am blessed for the opportunity, truly.

Assistant Regional Head Instructor Jon

Development of Nae Gong strength

Oom Yung Doe has significantly improved my quality of life in ways I never thought were possible. The training offered in this school is very unique and offers benefits that can only be found in a traditional martial arts school such as this. Something unique about this school is that it teaches how to bring Nae Gong energy into the body. I have never seen another martial arts school that offers this kind of knowledge. Through my training, and more specifically, through the development of Nae Gong strength, I have achieved extraordinary results that have changed my life for the better.

My name is Charles Pratski and I am a sixth section from Pittsburgh. I have been training for three years now and can hardly believe the ways in which training has improved my life. Before I started training I was not a happy person. There were certain mental characteristics about me that made my life miserable. I found that I was struggling to find a consistent feeling of peace and happiness. I was also an insecure person, which added to my problem. When I started training I immediately started to feel much better and more confident in myself, however, I was only scratching the surface.

My true personal benefit started with Bagwa walk. When I started going through Bagwa walk I began to see tremendous benefits mentally. Bagwa walk gave me a feeling of peace and serenity that made me feel much happier and more balanced. When I would practice Bagwa walk, I could feel a tingly sensation in my head that directly related to my changing mental state. I noticed that my quality of life was starting to improve significantly through Bagwa practice. It was at this point that I knew there was something wonderfully unique about this line of martial arts. Again, I found that I was only scratching the surface.

My condition further improved through the practice of Nae Gong. I began practicing Nae Gong foundation movements and experienced a considerable change. I noticed that I felt much more alive and energized through Nae Gong practice. It was after receiving Nae Gong movements that things truly started to change for me.

The real improvement in my condition occurred through consistent practice of Bagwa and Nae Gong together. I was put on a schedule to practice Bagwa or Nae Gong every day for two months. I began to feel things I never thought were possible. Overall, I began to feel like a whole new person. My energy level was increasing significantly, I felt much more peaceful and balanced, and I began to feel very confident and secure. Nae Gong practice would give me the feeling that I could do anything, like I wanted to take on the world. When I would practice Nae Gong I could feel the energy; it was a warm and tingly sensation that I could feel throughout my body. It felt like I was receiving an internal massage. I had never felt anything quite like it and was actually having a hard time believing what I was experiencing.

Another extraordinary effect of Nae Gong was the emotional release it caused me to experience. After practicing Nae Gong I felt that sometimes I would become very aggressive and angry. Other times I would become emotional to the point of tears. After these surges of emotion I would feel as though a weight had been lifted. I somehow knew that these emotions were directly related to Nae Gong practice and I knew that it was not a bad thing. I asked higher belts if they could help explain what might be happening. It was explained to me that Nae Gong is a way to purify the body of negative energy, and the emotions that I was experiencing were part of the purification process as the negative energy was being released from my body. By the end of the two-month schedule, I literally felt like a whole new person. I felt happier and more at peace that I had ever felt before. I had become much more confident and secure in myself, and I noticed that I had adopted a positive aggressiveness that I had never felt before. The way in which I perceived the world had changed totally. Nae Gong practice had changed me so much in such a short time that I almost couldn’t believe it was real. I was told by others that I seemed more alive and happy than they had ever seen me. My quality of life had changed significantly in only two months time.

I experienced even further benefit through the 2004 weeklong seminar. The focus of the weeklong seminar was to bring Nae Gong energy into the body. During the weeklong I began to feel a very warm tingly feeling throughout my body to a degree that I had never felt before. In my life I have never felt as good as I did during the weeklong seminar, and I actually did not know that it was even possible to feel as good as I did at that time. I know what it feels like to feel good after normal exercise, and I can honestly say that this was on a whole other level.

I currently feel wonderful. I feel alive and happy and I am enjoying life tremendously. I can compare the way I feel now with the way I used to feel and I am amazed at the 180 degree change I was able to make. I have been able to accomplish a great deal in the last three years. I just returned from an Army ROTC training camp with a successful completion. The camp was very rigorous and challenging, but I was able to do well and complete the training. I have now completed almost all of the qualifications to become an officer in the Army. I credit a huge portion of my success in ROTC to Oom Yung Doe training.

I believe that everybody should train, at least for a little while, in this line of martial arts. The benefits that can be achieved through this training are rare and unique and I would challenge anyone to find something else comparable. This school is totally different than most other martial arts schools. The benefits that I have been able to attain through training could not be found by going to the gym or practicing in just any martial arts school. I am much happier and I am a better person because of Oom Yung Doe training. Many people do not understand why this training is so expensive, but I can say personally that I could not even begin to put a price on the benefits that I have experienced. For anyone that cares about him or herself, the cost of training is insignificant because the benefits of having a much improved quality of life is worth any cost. For anyone that is striving to find meaning, peace, happiness or even themselves, I would highly recommend training in this school. Most people do not think that a deeper sense of peace and happiness can be found through martial arts, but for those people I say train for a year and then see what you think. Oom Yung Doe can benefit anyone and everyone, and I only hope that someday soon more people can realize that.

–Charles P.

"Recently my body clock has spun back about 5 years…"

Mid July on my 77th birthday I concluded that the little bit of wisdom that comes with age does not compensate for the accompanying aches and pains. My recurrent sciatica had flared. Every morning it took at least an hour of stretching, ice packs and hot packs before I could stand less bent over. I was too miserable to go down one flight of stairs to the garden. I had to lean on furniture and walls to limp from room to room. I could drive my car if it was parked close by, but to run any errands in a store was impossible. I had to rely on others to pick up groceries. I thought of getting a walker. Besides that I was too crabby to be social. These are but a few of the limitations that restricted my life.

My bouts of sciatica usually lasted three months in spite of medical advice, pain pills, and physical therapy. If this pattern continued I might have to give up forever any hope of living a comfortable and physically independent life. I considered moving down to my first floor apartment.

My daughter, however, had another idea. She had just finished a constructive and restorative year with Oom Yung Doe, and she was so enthusiastic about her experience she convinced me that as long as I was in constant pain it would be a grand time to start some serious physical activities (Ouch!). She argued that I should not wait until I felt better. I should join immediately while I was limping and suffering. That way when this siege subsided I would be stronger and perhaps less vulnerable to further attacks. I said, OUCH, again but I was pretty sure nothing I did would make it worse. So one month into this attack (on the 19th of August) I gave in.

Although the school is a mere seven-minute walk from my house I had to use a taxi, which dropped me off two long store-fronts from the entrance. That walk seemed like a mile.

Was the agony worth it? All I know is that two weeks later (mid September) after two weeks of three sessions per week strange groups of muscles were very sore and the sciatica had not changed. After another two weeks the sciatica felt a little better and I began to believe the exercises might be working. When mid-October came around (the date I had marked on my calendar for when I might be almost okay again) I had been pain-free for hours and hours at a time with only a few twinges of sciatica, and I had already been hiking easily to and from the school with a few errands on the side. Recently my body-clock has spun back about five years to a time when I did not have to limp, groan, stretch and squirm at least an hour each morning to stand straight enough to make a pot of coffee. And more recently I dared to curl up in my favorite deep and soft old chair. I lasted 20 minutes and it didn’t kill me.

Life is so much better now that I am committed to the Oom Yung Doe program. It works. I will save this note and read it whenever I have to remind myself that however much I’d rather stay home – this is too important.

– Mary Moyer, age 77

"After the first class I was blown away."

I have always been an active person and I enjoy a hard physical challenge. I got into running in 2008 and would go on hour long jogs at a time. I loved the feeling of pushing myself past the breaking point. Eventually I injured my knee very badly on a run and had to limp home. My knee swelled and stiffened up and I was left with no choice but to stay off it and head to the doctors’. Doctors weren’t sure what exactly went wrong as they said knee injuries are a complicated case, but I started a physical therapy regimen anyhow to fix the injury. Slowly it got better and I was told I could ease back into running. It seemed fine for a few months but then I reinjured it again. It hurt every day. My knee was so weak, I had to pay close attention to how I stepped, I could only wear orthopedic shoes, and I had to worry constantly about someone accidently bumping into my leg.

Eventually I hurt it so bad I could barely bend it to walk up and down the stairs. At 22 years old this was not a good sign. I went back to the doctors’ and restarted a new physical therapy program. I was told there was no hope and that I may just have to resign myself to never run again. My body wasn’t “built for” running and I would probably have to do light exercise only. At this point, even the stationary bike hurt. The doctor even said I might need a knee replacement years down the road. This was devastating news for me.

For a while I mostly walked as exercise. Eventually I got into yoga and pilates as a low-impact exercise routine. I carried a lot of stress and needed an outlet to release it. Even yoga caused flare ups with my knee. Certain twisting my body couldn’t handle. I could attend a maximum of two classes per week or risk seriously hurting my knee to the point where I couldn’t practice at all. This was an extremely frustrating time for me. It was very hard not to be able to push myself phsyically.

After a year or so I became very bored with yoga. I wanted to be able to move around again. I tried a kick boxing class which was a first for me. I sort of liked it, but I was looking for something a little more holistic. About one week later I walked by the Davis Square Oom Yung Doe studio. After reading some interesting information in the window, I walked inside. I decided to try the free introductory class. I had never done any martial arts before and was a little nervous. I was also very worried about my knee- what if I reinjured it again? The instructor assured me it would be fine and even showed me a couple knee strengthening movements I could practice at home.

After the first class I was blown away. It was the exact type of challenge I had been seeking. I left feeling calmer than ever and to my astonishment the movements caused no pain to my knee whatsoever. I couldn’t wait for my second class. Within the first week I noticed a difference with my knee. I was surprised to realize Oom Yung Doe actually strengthened my knee and after one month I realized it didn’t even hurt anymore. I was in shock.

Every other activity I had done, I always had to move with extreme caution in case of an injury, but no movement ever caused me knee pain in Oom Yung Doe. I was so happy to have found something I could push with as hard as I would like and never have to worry it might cause an injury. I have been practicing for two and a half years now and my knee is in such great shape I often forget it was ever an issue. My knee caps have literally physically changed from soft, squishy and weak like cartilage to dense, hard and strong like a bone.

I can now sprint to catch a bus if I need to without any worry whatsoever. I can even wear heels which is something I couldn’t risk doing before. I do not think I will go back to running since I get so much more out of Oom Yung Doe, but I know if I do I wouldn’t have to worry about my knee for even a minute. I have been able to overcome an injury the doctors told me was a lost cause. What’s more, my knee is now in a much better condition than it has ever been. I never have to worry about getting a knee replacement, which I was told would likely be in my future. I can practice for hours with no pain. Through Oom Yung Doe I have found the greatest stress-relief outlet I could hope for and an activity I can push with as hard as I want. I am now completely pain-free which is an incredible turn around as I previously grew to accept the fact that I would be in pain every day.

Sasha C, 1st Degree Black Belt

"That was then, today I’m not that guy."

One year ago the simplest things became harder, like just getting up off a couch. I remember I’d have to roll off the couch because it was too difficult just to sit up, and when I got up I had to use a cane to walk. I had to step off a curb sideways, and a year ago I also had to use an inhaler to help me breathe. Well that was then, today I’m not that guy. I can walk, run, jump, and breathe just fine on my own. That’s what Oom Yung Doe has done for me, and can do for anyone, any age.

  • Rick D.
  • Age: 56
  • Occupation: Miller
  • Rank: 4th section
  • School: Newton, MA
  • Home: Cumberland, RI

Read another testimonial from Rick, after completing another year of training and a championship course.

"Best thing I could have done for myself"

Starting Oom Yung Doe training at the young age of twelve is the best thing I could have done for myself. I enrolled at the children’s group lesson looking for a good physical challenge. I found that challenge in the first few minutes of my introductory lesson while holding a difficult concentration position. Although I have been very athletic all my life, I got tired very easily. I know this training would be the challenge I had been looking for.

That was five years ago. To this day I am still being challenged — both physically and mentally. Five years ago I would never have thought I’d be a First Degree Black Belt. Neither would I have thought I’d be the National Triathlon Champion. After training in the sport for less than one year, I won the Triathlon National Championship and World Cup. This race is rated one of the most difficult in the world. During the race, which consists of a one mile swim, a twenty three mile bike ride, and a 6.2 mile run, I became completely deydrated. In my Oom Yung Doe training I developed the self esteem, determination and the ability to set and accomplish goals which resulted in my ability to win the race despite the pain and fatigue of dehydration.

Many things I thought could never happen are now a reality. This past year I have been faced with some difficult challenges. The biggest challenge was watching my father suffer and pass away from bone cancer. The encouragement of my mother and my training at Oom Yung Doe made me stronger mentally and better able to cope. After achieving so many goals in such a short period of my life, I am even more optimistic about what I can accomplish in the future. I would like to thank Grandmaster “Iron” Kim and all the instructors who have shown me how training in Oom Yung Doe can positively affect so many areas of my life. My training has become one of the most important aspects of my life and I would encourage others to take the challenge and accomplish more than they thought possible.

Heather Ryder

Kids’ training: Respect, discipline, and concentration

When my 5 year old son came to Oom Yung Doe several months ago he was having a lot of difficulties at school. There was a lot of bullying and he felt confused as to why the children were being so hurtful to him and to each other. He internalized this confusion and began to have outbursts of anger and was falling asleep at 6pm every night absolutely exhausted.

I decided to enroll him at Oom Yung Doe; my hope was that he would have additional adults and a larger community which could support him as a person. He had a difficult time at the beginning of his sessions. After 3 weeks and very little participation he told me that he liked martial arts, but that it was “too hard” and he “couldn’t do it.” I suggested that he talk to the head instructor and express his concerns. It took a lot for this 5 year old to express his insecurities to another adult. The head instructor took my sons concerns very seriously and explained that most things worth doing are difficult and that the goal was to simply “try our best.” By trying our best he would undoubtedly improve over time.

Being taken seriously by another adult has deeply impacted my son. He not only continued with martial arts, but began using the language of just “doing one’s best” for other things that were difficult for him. I have heard him use this language when he approaches writing and reading (other activities he had pronounced where “too hard”).

While my son has always been a person who is well disciplined, he now has pride in his ability to be disciplined – he now knows this is strength. My son has also been a person who is interested in “doing the right thing,” but was confused at school when he witnessed bullying in multiple forms. The school of Oom Yung Doe encourages and supports his interest in basing one’s action on principals in a number of subtle ways:

  1. Children are not allowed to criticize each other and are immediately redirected to supporting each other in doing their best. The instructors model how to support each other, rather than let the kids try and “figure out” what this might mean.
  2. Children are not rewarded for the highest kick, best jump, being first – but for being the most focused and doing their best.
  3. The etiquette they learn may be simple (where to neatly place their shoes, care for their uniform), but it teaches them that the small things we do in life are important and can be beautiful.

My son still witnesses bullying at school, but is now more certain that this is not right; he is more certain in choosing what he feels are the correct actions. He also seems to know that choosing what is right can feel more difficult. For example, another student at school told him that he needed to “be careful” because he “knew judo” and could hurt him. My son told me this story later and added, “He must not have a very good martial arts teacher because you never use martial arts to hurt others.”

Since practicing Oom Yung Doe I have noticed other changes as well. My son’s energy level is more “even;” he can now stay up later without the frustration that accompanies an exhausted kindergartener. I feel that the addition of Oom Yung Doe is helping my son feel stronger as a person, and to use this new strength to approach the difficulties of reading, writing and relationships. I also feel that the school of Oom Yung Doe supports qualities that I would like to see my son embody: respect, discipline, that concentration takes practice, and the idea that learning is a privilege.

-Laura D.

Championship Program

Rick Darragh 1I noticed that my right knee has improved to the point that I can actually do something most take for granted, and that is simply squat down in one motion with palms of hands flat on the floor.  26 months ago I was using a cane. No, really. I was in trouble because I couldn’t walk. Actually I walked with the left leg as I dragged the right. It was quite painful. I had no health insurance at the time. My family said, “What are you going to do?” I threw the cane down and said, “I will walk.”

I came limping into the Newton School of Oom Yung Doe. Being a student years ago I knew where to go. I signed on to the degree program. All the instructors were aware of my knee problem and all helped me. They took me there slowly, to a point that I could actually go through a lesson without falling down. Ok, that took a good 4 months. After one year there was a change in the right direction. I was able to walk, jump, bend, twist.

The real change came when I was able to take a Dan Hyung, the tiger form, 2 weeks later I was able to enter into a tournament, then a 2nd tournament. Before the championship program, I actually couldn’t make heads or tail of the forms that I’ve watched others do. I feel that now I have a much better understanding. I’m also surprised how I actually absorbed the movements so quickly. My biggest surprise came last week when I was working, nailing on baseboard, finding myself in a squatting position. “Hey,” I said, “Wow, no pain, no stiffness, up and down, no problem.” I actually can feel the change. The championship program for me made all the difference.

Rick D.

Championship Training

Shahan 1

I started Oom Yung Doe in Fall 2013, and like most students of the school, I immediately began to enjoy the physical and mental benefits which have been commonly associated with the training. That said, I was admittedly very skeptical of signing up for the Championship/Dan Hyung training at first. I figured that I had already made a fairly large investment of both time and money, having paid for degree training and consistently attended classes 3-4 times a week. Without undermining the value of degree training, there came a point when I realized that beyond my new-found physical and mental state, I wanted to truly absorb techniques and elements of Oom Yung Doe beyond the hourly classes. I eventually put my skepticism to one side and registered for my 1st Dan Hyung seminar this past January to see what it was all about. The form I signed up for, called Ha Yook Tong (six tunnel form), specifically develops lower back/body strength and flexibility, which I had been severely lacking.

I enjoyed the Dan Hyung seminar thoroughly, though it was a little bit overwhelming to get all the steps straight at first. After practicing the form during the weeks that followed, I began to feel that, indeed, there might be something to all of this. With a tournament coming up in March, I decided to go ahead with the Championship training, it became obvious that the movements of the form, though they may appear to be subtle, are actually quite deep and effective when performed correctly. When properly executed, you can feel positive energy and warmth flowing all throughout your entire body in a way that I cannot fully describe with words. I am also happy to report that back pain no longer keeps me up at night.

Shahan 2

It is difficult to pinpoint exactly where my condition would be if I had kept to degree training alone. I can simply say that at this moment, I am probably in the best shape that I have been during my entire 20’s, and have more confidence that ever. There are some key changes in my development that I can solely attribute to Championship/Dan Hyung training. I cannot overstate the deeper level of understanding that I gained about how to execute movements and how to make all parts of the body work together. The most important thing that I have gotten, however, is a new sense of context and motivation to my training. That goes for practically anything else in my life that I find to be both difficult but also extremely valuable. I still have a ways to go, but I no longer romanticize about how trying training can be, and instead, simply focus on making the efforts needed to better myself.

Shahan N.

I am proud of myself and my life’s work


My name is Ben Zaroukian, I am 32 years old, and I am a 4th degree black belt, Assistant Regional Head Instructor.  My first experience with Oom Yung Doe came in college. I was playing football at the time, and one day while at practice, my teammates and I saw someone on the next field over going through exquisite and powerful martial arts movements both with a sword and open-handed. We were quite interested at the unique combination of grace and strength that the practitioner was demonstrating. As fortune would have it I came to make this practitioner’s acquaintance a few months later. When I recognized him I had to ask about the movements I had seen him practicing previously. He explained that he was studying Oom Yung Doe, and he started to explain some of the ways that his training had helped him to improve. He listed many benefits, but what struck me most from our conversation was how confident he was, how positive, optimistic, and motivated he was. I remember thinking at the time that I wanted to embody these qualities as well and I resolved to go learn more about Oom Yung Doe training.  This resolution could not have come at a better time.

At this time I was studying Physics at Carnegie Mellon University.  Growing up I struggled with discipline and focus.  Through high school I was able to balance a busy athletic schedule while maintaining good grades.  With the shift to the highly competitive physics program at CMU however, I quickly lost balance.  By the end of my freshman year my grade point had dropped to around a 2.0. I was overstressed, overweight, and generally unhappy.  So when my new friend offered to schedule me an appointment to learn more about Oom Yung Doe I was eager to try it and experience some of what he was talking about for myself.

Even in my first couple of lessons I could tell that the training was unique. I had always maintained a regular athletic training regimen for football, but the results I experienced from Oom Yung Doe practice were significantly greater. Physically, I felt my body developing strength and flexibility that I had never known before. Within a few months of beginning my training I was by a great measure, in the best physical condition of my life. The mental changes I was experiencing were even greater. My discipline and focus improved to the point I was able to wean myself off my prescription for an attention deficit medication. I was more confident, happier, and healthier. My grade point jumped to a 4.0, even while I was taking a much heavier course load, and I was able to secure a grant to fund a research position working on partial wave analysis for the GlueX Experiment taking place at Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility.

While every aspect of my life was changing for the better, from my relationships, to my academics, to my daily quality of life and happiness, the most profound changes did not come until I had the opportunity to start teaching Oom Yung Doe lessons in the school. I learned more about myself, more about how to help others, and more about life in those first few months teaching than I had in years.  While I was very committed to my college studies I started to envision a new future for myself. Previously I planned on an academic career focused on researching and teaching physics, now, because of how much I was gaining through Oom Yung Doe, I started to consider a career teaching Traditional Martial Arts.


After much deliberation I decided to pursue a career teaching Oom Yung Doe. The benefits I was experiencing personally combined with the feeling I had from working with others every day to help them improve their lives felt too right to pass up. How many other careers would allow me an opportunity to help a surgeon relieve stress, a grandfather recover from arthritis, a college student build focus, and a child build discipline, all in the same day? I talked to my family about my decision and, my father being a doctor and my mother a nurse, they understood my desire to pursue a career helping others. After seeing the way my life changed for the better they could see why I would want to share these benefits with others. Additionally, because of the way training helped me improve my concentration, discipline, and focus, I finished my physics curriculum by my junior year saving a full year’s tuition. When I spoke to my family about teaching Oom Yung Doe full time, they commented that since training saved a full year of tuition, it made sense to reinvest that savings into getting myself a school and beginning my career. In the end, for the same cost of 4 years of college, I found myself with a physics degree, an Oom Yung Doe School, and an opportunity to start building a future for myself that was not only very mentally and physically beneficial for me, but also put me in a position where every day I was helping people improve their lives.

12 years later, I am part of a team that owns and operates six schools in Massachusetts. While I have time now, to spend with my family, travel, and pursue other interests, there is still much I hope to accomplish in the schools. Though I would have difficulty counting the number of children and adults who have come through our schools over the years, and changed their lives for the better, for me the real opportunity to make a difference with my life still lies ahead. My goal is to open schools up and down the east coast, through the rest of the country, and even internationally. I envision a future where there is an Oom Yung Doe School in every town, so people of all ages, conditions, and backgrounds who are looking for a way to improve their lives, can experience the same extraordinary benefits that training has brought me.

During this unique time, when many are struggling to find success in careers they do not enjoy or find meaningful, I am especially grateful for the path I am on. This same opportunity is available for others who are of a like mind. Men or women, of any age, background, or career, looking for a change, looking for a road leading to self growth, meaning, happiness, and security, can take their future into their own hands. For anyone considering such a path, I can only encourage you to do what I did, to try it and see what benefits you can experience for yourself. Even if I had felt like it was not for me and had stopped after a year or two, all the lessons I learned about myself, how to help and work with others, and life, would have been well worth the investment in time and money.


When I look around in today’s society I see people living life with one of three main focuses. I see some people just struggling to survive, other people living mainly to enjoy themselves, and still others living with a focus on helping others. When I look at my own life I recognize that if I work just to survive, I will be stuck in a cycle where all my energy will be used just to keep me afloat, never leaving me an opportunity to rest, relax, or build for the future. I also know that if my energy is primarily directed towards having fun or enjoying myself, I may put myself in a position where I do not have enough time or energy to build a meaningful legacy of helping others.

I have always believed that the best way I can bring more good into this world and live a good life is to make my main focus helping others. Not just by giving material things but by teaching others to live better, healthier, more principled and meaningful lives. By teaching someone how to improve their mind and body I am able to help them find a path by which they can totally change the quality of their life, for the rest of their life. In this way, one person after the next, I can work toward making this world a better, more positive place. Living in this way allows me to have material success and enjoy my life, and I am proud of myself and my life’s work. In truth, what could be more fulfilling than that?