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Tournament – October 25th

Traditional Martial Arts (TMA) is the original discipline that allows you to challenge and enhance the current limits of your body and mind.

People of all age brackets and backgrounds are challenging themselves to reach their fullest potential and demonstrate their level of skill and ability through TMA tournaments.

Within the Oom Yung Doe school system, you have the opportunity to learn specialized forms with enhanced self-defense skills directly from a TMA Master. Participants select a form or sequence of movements, then dedicate concentrated effort towards developing their skill in that area. (Learn more about how to learn from a TMA Master.)

Tournament and tournament preparation benefits:

  • Develop very powerful self-defense skills
  • Increased strength, speed, balance, flexibility, and stamina
  • Develop internal and external strength
  • Enhance will-power, determination, focus, and concentration
  • Learn what it means to bring the body and mind into harmony
  • Train with an almost non-existent incidence of injury

See what you can achieve through this training:

The New England schools of Oom Yung Doe will host a Traditional Martial Arts Tournament on Saturday, October 25th. Learn more or register for the upcoming tournament.

Providence Bruins Demonstration Video

See excerpts from the demonstration at the Bruins game on October 10th:

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