Kung Fu

Alex Goode (Medford school)

Kung Fu (Goong Bu) forms called Hyungs are comprised of a series of movements that are derived from elements of nature. For example, Tang Nan mimics the movement of an ocean wave and Ho Bar Toop mimics the movement of a tiger. Each individual Hyung took generations to develop; and have characteristics and benefits unique to that particular animal or aspect of nature. Through practicing these movements, the unique characteristics and benefits are instilled into the way the practitioner moves. No two people practicing the same Hyung movement will develop in exactly the same way. Unique to Hyung development is the ability for practitioners of all ages to gain tremendous mental and physical strength.

Forms combine controlled soft and hard movements; develops flexibility, coordination, strength, and speed. Movement becomes instinctive. Offensive and defensive movements are straight, but curves in all different directions and degrees, using more circles than angles.