Kom Do (Samurai Sword)

Oom Yung Doe schools offer training in 8 complete martial arts, including Gom Do (samurai sword). These Gom Do demonstrations, by Oom Yung Doe practitioners at a variety of rank and ability levels, show what you can achieve through training:

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Doing this form, one keeps strong eye contact with the opponent, while at the same time watching the opponent’s body. Excellent mental and physical development is achieved through this training. The mind, body, and sword must be as one. Offensive and defensive movements are straight and to either side, with more circles than angles. Movement is usually in all different directions. The movements are very quick, precise, and powerful. Excellent mental focus can be achieved through this training. The proper practice of this weapon develops:

  • Tremendous internal and external strength
  • Acute mental focus
  • Coordination, flexibility, timing and control
  • Mental and physical harmony
  • Inner Peace

Remember, life is only once; no one has a spare mind or body.