Bagwa Chung

Oom Yung Doe schools offer training in 8 complete martial arts, including Bagwa Chung (Bagua Chung). The video below shows a Bagwa Chung demonstration starting at 2:22.

Bagwa (aka Bagua or Pakua) is a martial art based on the theory of continuous change in response to a given situation. It is an internal form of traditional Moo Doe that sharpens reflexes and cultivates the understanding of one’s mind and body. Bagwa is a powerful way to increase one’s Nae Gong (stored internal strength).

I began to feel like a whole new person. My energy level was increasing significantly, I felt much more peaceful and balanced, and I began to feel very confident and secure. Nae Gong practice would give me the feeling that I could do anything, like I wanted to take on the world. -Charlie P. (Read more)

We invite you to learn more about Oom Yung Doe training. Ultimately, though, the only way to see what you can gain is to try for yourself.

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