8 Martial Arts

The Oom Yung Doe line of Martial Arts was the original school to teach “Eight Complete Martial Arts as One” in the United States since 1972. The video below shows demonstrations of all 8 martial arts.

Oom Yung Doe combines knowledge, forms and movements that span thousands of years and generations of martial art practitioners to provide a diverse style of martial arts today. The diversity of knowledge, forms and movements benefits and develops the human body in many different ways. The main emphasis of training is to develop and strengthen the individual’s mind, body, and spirit.

Each of the 8 martial arts is taught completely, combined as one systematic method by a true traditional grandmaster. This is vital: To mix and match different styles and methods without the guidance of a master is no different than a person trying to diagnose someone’s condition and then prescribing medicine without having proper medical training.

Learn more about each of the 8 styles:

The calendar below shows the schedule of which martial arts are taught on which days in adult lessons. For information about children’s training, please contact your instructor.