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Learn how to make permanent improvements to your mental and physical condition for a better quality of life. No one has a spare mind or body, so don't neglect yourself.

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Build Extraordinary Strength

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Children Develop Discipline, Focus, and Confidence

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Oom Yung Doe schools have been teaching Traditional Martial Arts (TMA) to thousands of students in New England communities for 25+ years. Oom Yung Doe schools are known worldwide for the unique ability to:

  • Teach 8 COMPLETE Traditional Martial Arts
  • Develop every aspect of your mental and physical condition
  • To quickly bring your mind and body into harmony

It does not take a lifetime to change your reality for the better.

Through training, students often experience the following benefits:

  • Greater strength, improved flexibility, better stamina, increased agility, loss of weight and other visible results
  • A high level of Traditional Martial Arts skill
  • Increased energy throughout the day
  • A healthier and happier lifestyle
  • Powerful self defense abilities

Try for yourself, you will feel the difference.

Training Programs


Training helps purify the mind and body so instead of feeling worn down after practice you feel energized, clear minded and a greater sense of peace. Each of the 8 martial arts helps create balanced mental and physical development for a superior level of health.


Training helps children develop strength, flexibility, agility and all aspects of athleticism. In addition, students develop strong self-defense skills. More importantly, students mentally gain focus, discipline, confidence and respect. These qualities help the child as they grow.

Championship Coaching

Learn a specialty skill in a particular weapon or form under the guidance of a 9th Degree Master. Through balanced practice with specific direction from a Master you can develop real skill and the confidence to compete in Traditional Martial Arts (TMA) tournaments.

Teaching 8 Complete Martial Arts

Oom Yung Doe teaches 8 complete styles of martial arts as one. Each of these styles develops the mind and body in a unique manner. Together they form a complete system for superior health and powerful self-defense abilities.

Tai Chi

Chinese Style

  • Movements are slow and graceful without using force, sometimes described as moving meditation.
  • Promotes internal strength, physical well-being and overall health.

Kung Fu

Chinese Style

  • Study of different animals or elements of nature and how to bring those characteristics to the practitioner. 
  • Develops flexibility, coordination, agility, strength and speed.

Ai Ki Do / Hap Ki Do

Japanese & Korean Styles

  • Uses attacker's strength against them by focusing on joint locks, pressure points, grappling techniques and throws.
  • Enhances upper body strength and joint strength for close range self defense.

Ship Pal Gae

Chinese & Korean Styles

  • Study of 18 Traditional Martial Arts weapons; the mind, body, and weapon must come together as one.
  • Develops incredible strength in all parts of the body and brings the mind and body into harmony.

Kong Su

Japanese & Korean Styles

  • Hard form movements that focus on speed and strength utilizing the feet and hands.
  • Improves strength, speed, coordination and stamina.

Udo / Jujitsu

Korean & Japanese Styles

  • Uses opponent's strength against them to defend against strikes, grabs and throws.
  • Develops flexibility and the ability to fall or roll without injury plus powerful self defense skills.

Bagwa Chung

Chinese Style

  • Bagwa walking teaches one how to move lightly and coil the body for explosive power.
  • Promotes tremendous internal and external strength throughout the entire body.

Samurai Sword

Korean & Japanese Styles

  • Study of the Samurai Sword. Focus is on the mind, body and weapon moving as one.
  • Develops great upper body strength, awareness and tremendous mental acuity.

Want to learn more? The best way is to see for yourself. You're invited to come into any Oom Yung Doe school, meet an instructor, tour the facility, and see live demonstrations.

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What Students Say

What most impressed me about Oom Yung Doe was that not only was I learning from skilled instructors, I was also given personal attention and instruction from Regional, National and International Level Instructors. Of all the martial arts that I looked into and attempted there were none that offer so much.

Since I began training I noticed little by little that I was becoming much more of an “I Can” person ...​ more of the self-sufficient, confident woman that I now am.

Samantha B 
Age 22

I began training in Oom Yung Doe around the same time that I began my graduate studies at MIT and Harvard.

To my pleasant surprise, I became more alert, energized, and calm throughout the day even in spite of the long work hours and stressful environment.

Today, I am certain that wherever my path takes me, the discipline, training, and tools I have gained from Oom Yung Doe will always be a part of me.

Nimrod W
MBA Grad Student

I have regained the flexibility and strength that I once had. And, my body doesn’t ache … in fact, I feel great. Best of all, I now have the energy to play with my children.

Stress is still a part of my everyday life. But now, I have the mental and physical conditioning to easily deal with it. I will never again let stress control my life. Middle age will have to wait for a while longer!

Charles P
Attorney - Age 40+

I feel that the addition of Oom Yung Doe is helping my son feel stronger as a person, and to use this new strength to approach the difficulties of reading, writing and relationships.

I also feel that the school of Oom Yung Doe supports qualities that I would like to see my son embody: respect, discipline, that concentration takes practice, and the idea that learning is a privilege.

Lauren D
Proud Mom

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Frequently Asked Questions

When do classes start?

You can become a student at any time. During the lessons you are taught by your rank and ability to ensure you are challenged but not overwhelmed or discouraged. Everyone is in the lesson to improve himself or herself not to compete against a fellow student. Students find the learning environment to be supportive yet challenging.

Do I need to be in shape to start?

Students often think they need to be fit or in shape before they start lessons. A person of any age or condition can start. Traditional Martial Arts (TMA) is one of the safest and fastest way to improve your condition. All aspects of fitness will be enhanced such as strength, flexibility, agility, balance and stamina. In addition, mentally you will notice greater focus, clarity as well as peace of mind.

How is TMA different from other martial arts and sports?

Traditional Martial Arts (TMA) is focused on helping students completely develop all aspects of their mind and body to achieve harmony. Most martial arts and common sports emphasize developing specific skills and strength needed to win a competition or game by beating others. TMA focuses on winning over yourself so you can achieve success throughout your life.

How long does it take to see results?

Most students start to see noticeable results in the first month of training. With longer training, results can be greater and more lasting. Students commonly note increased energy levels, greater stamina, improved strength and flexibility, solid self defense, less stress and a calmer mind. Every individual is different but all students can gain something even with a few weeks of consistent practice.

How often do I need to come in to see a benefit?

You set a schedule that works for you. As you might expect, the more often you are able to practice, the greater the benefits, however, every single time you practice Oom Yung Doe movements you will improve your mental and physical condition. Lessons are typically 45 minutes in length, and instructors are happy to work with you to help you reach your goals no matter how busy your schedule. The ultimate key to see results is learning to practice the proper forms or movements for your particular body type and condition. With the correct instruction and proper movements anyone can see tremendous improvement.

What level of Instructors I can learn from?

Typical day-to-day lessons are overseen by 2nd Degree Certified Instructors. 1st Degree assistant Instructors and higher belt students may assist with lessons as well. In addition, you will have monthly lessons with 3rd to 7th Degree Instructors. More importantly, all students have the opportunity to learn and refine specialty skills (weapons and forms) directly from a 9th Degree Master. This can greatly accelerate your ability and enhance your overall condition.

Will I learn self defense?

As part of most lessons, students learn and practice self defense techniques for all types of attacks such as a punch, a kick, a weapon, or multiple attackers. Students learn a variety of techniques so they can be confident in any situation and can defend themselves or family members against a violent attack. This type of ability leads to greater confidence and peace of mind.

Does Oom Yung Doe hold tournaments?

Yes, students are encouraged to prepare and compete in TMA tournaments. Students do not compete against each other but against a standard of excellence rooted in skill and ability. There are multiple levels of tournaments (local, state, and regional) to give Instructors and students the opportunity to demonstrate very high levels of proficiency in specific forms and weapons.

Want to learn more? The best way is to see for yourself. You're invited to come into any Oom Yung Doe school, meet an instructor, tour the facility, and see live demonstrations.